aka Nimda

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is Not applicable
  • I am Male


This is a copy and paste for my profile page for any fandom wiki that I attempt to make edits on.
Fandom wikis that I am staff on will have their own profile page that is edited catered to that specific wiki.

Welcome to my profile!

Hello fellow human, welcome to my profile, you can call me Nimda and I hope that you enjoy your stay.
I've been previously known as Iamreallybadatlife.

What I enjoy doing (most of the time) on wikis, is to attempt to structure pages on the wiki as clean and neat as possible, as well as doing the tedious thing called double checking for any information being misplaced or missing on said page.

I am faily new to editing on Fandom so I do attempt all different types of things to make the page as appropriate as possible, do note that there is probably much more better ways to do X or Y thing but I simply do not know them, do help me if you have any thing that you think is better.


To contact me, please add me on Discord, my username and discriminator is Nimda#0397. The profle picture is the same as my current profile picture. I do, definitely recommend that you are to read the Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines if you are new to Discord.

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Do note that this is probably a very sloppy way to present someone's user profile, lol.

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